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We Understand Hydration

At Quench IV Bar, we understand everyone wants to feel their best. IV therapy is an
addition to your regular routine to help you feel and function better.

At Quench IV Bar, we understand everyone wants to feel and look their best. However, sometimes we need an extra boost in addition to our healthy diet and lifestyle. IV therapy is the most effective way of hydrating the body, delivering vitamins, nutrients, and fluids the body needs to give the feeling of complete wellness and the best version of yourself.

IV therapy can help address common complaints and concerns such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Immunity boost
  • Training athlete
  • Minor colds
  • Hangover
  • General wellness boost
  • Pre- or post-workout prep/recovery
  • Headaches

If you come to us with an ailment or illness we do not feel IV therapy can assist with, we will provide advice on where to seek a solution.

All our IV therapies are administered by fully trained and knowledgeable nursing staff.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide safe, high quality, and effective IV therapy to all of our patients. As fully qualified medical professionals, every member of our team strives to offer the best possible treatment so that our patients achieve the optimal level of wellness they desire.

Would you like to know more about Quench IV Bar?

If you have questions for our team or would like more information on our treatments, do not hesitate to get in touch by calling or emailing. One of our team members will happily get you all the information you need.

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  • 5 Star

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I had my first beauty IV with booster the other day. It was amazing! I am 37yrs old I feel like I am 18 again! The ladies were super sweet! I am going to become a member so I can go weekly!
    Facebook Reviews

    Melissa Felts-Rogers
  • 5 Star

    I’ve been with RVAHS for almost a year…LOVE THEM!!! Great staff, amazing care, they take the time to really listen.
    Facebook Reviews

    Amy Counts Farmer
  • 5 Star

    We had a great experience w/ the Wellness Treatment and B12 performance booster. A must do!
    Facebook Reviews

    Debra Akers Shepperson
  • 5 Star

    River City Hydration Station is an amazing place. I highly recommend it to anyone.
    Facebook Reviews

    Charles Vokac
  • 5 Star

    Absolutely love this place! Thankful they are in Richmond!
    Facebook Reviews

    Jackson Scott
  • 5 Star

    Great place! So happy Richmond has a place like this. After coming down with a stomach bug, this was exactly what I needed. The space is beautiful, Julie the P.A., is awesome, and was very convenient to get an appointment through their app. I will use their services again. I especially love this for athletes, people in general w/hydration or those suffering from a hangover. Give it try! You will feel SO much better!
    Facebook Reviews

    Kari Schwear
  • 5 Star

    I had just completed the Marine Corps Marathon 3 days prior to my visit. I was feeling dehydrated, sore, fatigued and on the verge of catching a cold. Decided the best thing to do was to come in and get some fluids, vitamins and toradol for the soreness. Best decision ever!!! Felt immediately energized. By the next day, my legs felt 100% better and I beat that threatening cold!🙌🏽 I will definitely be coming in before and after any future races. Highly recommend this place!!! The facility is new, clean and the staff is top notch. There are different IV treatment options good for jet lag, fatigue, athletic performance and even hangovers! It really is the best way to recover! Spread the word!
    Facebook Reviews

    Maritza Gallegos-Mahmood
  • 5 Star

    I love this place! Try to go every month or two. All the staff are awesome, the facilities are great/clean/comfy, and I leave feeling like a whole new person every time. 13/10 would wholeheartedly recommend.
    Facebook Reviews

    Lindsay Yowell
  • 5 Star

    The office staff welcomes you, and no matter what your need is, they do their best to assist you. Very professional.
    Google Reviews

    Debrah C.



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