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Often, our patients have the same questions before starting their IV therapy, so we thought
it would be best to collect them all in one place.

What is IV therapy?
IV therapy is an intravenous drip where essential nutrients and vitamins are transferred directly into the bloodstream. It is useful for many different reasons; however, most commonly as a form of boosting the immune system and improving overall wellness.
How safe is it?
As with any procedure, potential side effects could occur; however, these are minor, and include bruising, bleeding from the site and soreness after the treatment.

Our trained nursing staff administer all our procedures. We monitor vital signs before, during, and after treatment, and always discuss any potential side effects with you prior to treatment.

How painful is it?
IV therapy is a minimally invasive procedure. The treatment is generally comfortable and well-tolerated for most people. However, pain thresholds differ from person to person. If you have concerns about experiencing pain during your treatment, please discuss this with our medical staff prior to IV therapy, as they can provide advice.
Who administers the IV?
Our trained medical nurses administer the IV. They have done this procedure thousands of times. We also have an on call doctor available in case of any emergencies.
How much does IV therapy cost?

The cost depends on what vitamin bag you select, and whether you ask for a mobile service or come to our clinic. To view the prices for our treatments, please visit our pricing page.

Do I need more than one treatment?
How many treatments you receive all comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy the side effects of IV therapy, such as raised energy levels, please discuss the option of getting more than one treatment with one of our staff members.
Do I need to book an appointment?
We recommend booking an appointment ahead of time. If you would like to book an appointment, you can email us at info@quenchIV.com, or call the clinic at 804-493-4060.
What are the benefits of IV therapy?
Please visit our page on the benefits of IV therapy to learn more about what we can help you improve.
Which IV treatment should I choose?

Your treatment choice really depends on how you are feeling and why you are choosing IV therapy. We have different vitamin bags for each ailment, such as fatigue, low immunity, hangovers, and workout preparation. We will discuss all this when you come in for your session, and offer our best advice on which solution to choose.

I’ve been getting IV therapy at another clinic. Are your treatments the same?

As we must adhere to certain standards of treatment, some of our IV bags will contain the same solutions as other clinics. However, as our staff are medically trained, they can offer advice on which IV bag you should choose. We are proud to offer an extremely high-quality service and standards of care.

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions about IV therapy and our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 804-493-4060 and we’ll be happy to help.

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