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Dehydration and exhaustion take a big toll on the human body.
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The Basic

Fight dehydration and discomfort with IV fluids.

Myers’ cocktail

The holy grail of IV therapy, the Myers’ cocktail was created by John Myers M.D., who used IV injections of vitamins and minerals to treat medical conditions.

Combining a mix of essential vitamins, the Myers’ cocktail fights low immunity, tiredness, and feelings of imbalance and general ill-health.

The Myers’ cocktail has been known to reduce symptoms of allergies, muscle problems, asthma, migraines, and fibromyalgia. This vitamin therapy bag is an all-around health booster, making it an ideal solution for those searching for a way to give their bodies a kickstart.



If you’re left feeling under the weather after a night of heavy drinking, don’t let hangover ruin your day after. Our hangover IV drip can help you to recover quickly and address symptoms like headaches, tiredness, and feelings of nausea.

If you want to feel hydrated and refreshed after a night of overindulgence, IV therapy is for you. Just like all our other IV drips, our hangover cure only contains natural vitamins and minerals to help your body recover speedily and get you back into top form.

Our IV therapy specialists have created the ideal hangover-combating solution for those hangovers that just won’t budge.

Our hangover drip contains IV fluids, super B vitamins, magnesium & glutathione.

Wellness Support

Having a minor cold or flu-like symptoms can affect your ability to get to work and carry on with your usual daily life. For some of us, the side effects can also be hard to shake and often last for weeks.

Our cold and flu hydrate can help speed up the process of recovery by providing your body with the essential vitamins and minerals that will help you start to feel more like yourself again. Our patients have found this hydrate has shortened the length and severity of their symptoms, allowing them to carry out their usual daily routine.

When we have a low immune system, we are also more likely to pick up other bugs or illnesses. By boosting the levels of key vitamins in our bodies, we are giving our immune system the power to fight off any other potential ailments.

Our wellness support drip contains IV fluids, super B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc.

Jet lag – fatigue

Suffering from jet lag can make those post-holiday blues even worse, leaving you struggling to get back into your usual routine. Whatever length trip you’ve been on, jet lag can still take hold.

Excessive tiredness and restless sleep following your vacation builds up, and often people feel as though they need another break to recuperate! Instead, why not try our jet lag IV therapy?

A combination of essential vitamins, our jet lag drip is designed to boost your energy levels, giving your body the push it needs to get back into your usual routine. Our patients have found that their sleep has improved, they feel energized and ready to tackle their after-holiday workload!

Don’t struggle through the side effects of jet lag by counting down the days until your next break. Give your body the therapy it needs to perform at its best with our jet lag IV mix.

Our jet lag and fatigue drip contains 1L, B-complex, methyl B12, and vitamin C.

Athletic performance

If you are an athlete preparing for or recovering from a big event or competition, you’ll need to ensure your body is operating at full capacity.

IV hydration therapy can greatly assist you with this. When you need to function at your best, it is important to have a solid balance of vitamins and minerals in the body, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve through diet alone.

IV hydration therapy offers a 100% absorption rate, which allows the body to quickly and effectively receive the vitamin and hydration benefits. Balance can be restored within the body so you can achieve optimal performance and recovery.

Our athletic performance drip contains 1L normal saline, B-complex, magnesium, calcium, and glutathione.

Beauty Booster

As we live such busy lives, it can be difficult to fit time in to make sure you are feeling and looking your best.

As we age, our skin can start to show the effects of a busy lifestyle, making it important that we look after our bodies from the inside out. If this sounds like you, instead of using “miracle creams” and beauty products, why not try our anti-aging IV drip?

Re-hydrating the body and providing a boost of vitamins such as magnesium and vitamin C leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, skin is plump and giving off a youthful glow.

Not only does the anti-aging drip give your outer body a boost, our patients have also noted raised energy levels and improved overall health and well-being from just a 30- to 60-minute treatment.

Our Beauty Booster drip contains 1L, B-complex, magnesium, vitamin C, and glutathione.

High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin. Unlike most mammals, humans do not have the ability to make their own vitamin c and must obtain it from supplementation or diet. Vitamin C is essential for multiple reactions in the body such as collagen production, immune system activation, metabolism support and acts as a potent antioxidant. Studies indicate that higher blood levels of vitamin C are associated with lower risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease. There is no scientific evidence that large amounts of vitamin C exert any adverse or toxic effects.

Certain cancer cells respond uniquely to intravenous vitamin C by rapidly producing hydrogen peroxide which damages the cancer cell itself through a process known as oxidative stress. Healthy cells do not respond this way to vitamin C. Thus, the intravenous administration of high doses of vitamin C may help target and damage cancer cells in body. We partner with oncologists in the area to deliver your best care.

Vitamin C at high doses can also benefit patients with Lyme’s Disease and other inflammatory diseases. Please contact our office to learn more and see if you are a candidate for this type of therapy. Please note, for these specific treatments, lab work is needed before these treatments can begin.

Migrane Relief

Migraines can bring your day to a painful stop. While most over-the-counter pain relievers may provide a temporary solution, our Migraine Relief IV therapy can not only make the pain go away quickly but can also help prevent headache flare-ups. Many times, patients who frequently suffer from migraines tend to have a magnesium deficiency. Our Migraine Relief IV therapy helps replenish this mineral along with Taurine, B Complex and a pain reliver for fast relief that lasts.

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