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At Quench IV Bar, we understand everyone wants peak performance.
Our IV hydration, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can keep you on top.



IV hydration therapy delivers specific nutrients and fluids your body needs, making it the most effective way to improve health through hydration. EVERYONE from athletes to weekend warriors can benefit from our services.


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IV therapy can radically change your health, mind, and mood. Our professional staff stay with you throughout your treatment, checking on your well-being and ensuring you’re getting the exact care you need.

Myers’ cocktail

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Wellness Support

Having a minor cold or flu like symptoms can affect your ability to get to work and carry on with your normal daily life…Read More

Jet Lag – Fatigue

Jet lag isn’t great for anyone, the end of your trip can often be ruined by excessive tiredness and an inability to get a good night’s sleep…Read More

Athletic Performance

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Beauty Booster

Being re-hydrated can often lead to the skin showing signs of aging at a younger age, it is important to look after our skin…Read More